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    Global Warming 97 Percent ‘Consensus’ Actually 76 People

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    That 97 percent ‘consensus’ on man-made global warming we have all been hearing so much about over the past couple years was actually the opinion of just 76 people. Global warming alarmists have been altering the scientific data for years; contorting it into statistical pretzels in order to convince people that the planet’s mean temperature is rising at an unnatural and accelerated rate and that human activity is the cause.
    Skeptics have been vilified and ridiculed by the believers; compared to flat-earthers or even to holocaust deniers but global warming fanatics are themselves laughably ignorant, regarding the actual, unadulterated scientific data. Without even delving into the, largely, made-up science of “climatology” – a discipline (or lack thereof) that has been around for only thirty years, there are staggeringly obvious reasons why the entire global warming cult is a joke. The most obvious of these reasons is a look at the man who has been most vocal in promoting the myth over the past 12 years; former United States Vice President Al Gore. As with a religious cult, when the leader of the movement is exposed as a fraud, it should automatically cast doubt upon the entire belief-system. When that leader is additionally exposed as having no knowledge of that in which he pretends to believe, it becomes even more apparent that the entire philosophy is a sham.

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