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BUY "THE LAST GIRL" ON AMAZON.COM BY RILEY SHASTEEN(ME) (*Cough Cough* Insert meaningful quote about One Direction here --->) They are just five normal guys, and yet I can't stop thinking about them. And they don't even know I exist. And to make me feel like they do know who I am, I write fan fiction(: My best friend is @nkpica27, go read her amazing stories!! Check out my website: Rileyes.org Stalk me on Twitter: @Rileyes13 Stalk me on YouTube: RileyBethProductions AND HiallLiLoZa Productions Stalk me even more on Instagram: rileyshasteen Talk to me on Kik: Rileyes

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    @Rileyes i love all your books you are a great writer just want to say keep on writing no matter what and i cant find you on instagram or twitter or youtube so if you read can you plz send on links for instagram and twitter and youtube plz will be so helpful thank you

  • Anxiety
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    @rileyes I absolutely love your writing! I know you might not read this but if you do could you maybe GOVE me any writing tips? I write in a weird way and I was wondering if you have any little things that help you write as well as you do�� c:
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    mumbled "1D Concert "

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    Hey Last Girls!
    I'm going to be at the One Direction concert tonight at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena! If you're going tonight please say hi! I'm going to be sitting in section Bowl 2 row 9 with @nkpica27 in seats 103 and 104! Kik me at Rileyes and let me know! I would love to meet you guys! See you there<3
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    Dey be loud.


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