(*Cough Cough* Insert meaningful quote about One Direction here --->) They are just five normal guys, and yet I can't stop thinking about them. And they don't even know I exist. And to make me feel like they do know who I am, I write fan fiction(:
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    Updates! IMPORTANT! Read everything!

    Hi Last Girls!<3,
    1. I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have written reviews and bought The Last Girl on Amazon! The reviews are really sweet and I appreciate that you guys took time out of your day to do that for me<3
    2. I know I have not updated Massive Complications in a while. Things have been so hectic lately and I have been focusing on Slave Auction that I completely forgot! I will be updating that again once I finish Slave Auction 2. So expect it before the end of the summer (hopefully)! Please be patient!
    3. I just got back from Rome on vacation so now I finally have time to update Slave Auction 2! I planned out the whole story on the 12 hour plane ride, so hopefully now, it will be easier to write. Unfortunately, I do have summer homework (a lot actually- I regret taking AP classes) so don't expect updates everyday. I will try my hardest guys to update as much as possible. As Liam says in Slave Auction, "Patience is a virtue." Haha.
    4. I will be redesigning my website soon- adding more things and such. So look out for that!
    5. Someone by the name of becca emailed me through my website. I have no way of getting back to you through that but I hope you're reading this because I really wanted to reply. What you wrote meant so much to me! It was so kind and I actually started tearing up a bit:) Thank you so much<3 It's people like you who make me want to keep writing(:
    6. If you haven't bought my book yet or written a nice review, please do so! It would honestly mean the world<3
    7.Follow me on Instagram and Twitter! It would be awesome to be connected with you guys in more than one place! Instagram: rileyshasteen Twitter: Rileyes13
    Also- talk to me on Kik! It would be cool to get to know you guys! Kik: Rileyes
    Thank you all so much!
    Aw thank you so much! I'm so glad! @[Amira Falls]
    Amira Falls
    It's true, and you deserve plenty of praise! I hope I don't seem creepy! I like your book, BTW!
    Vasilena Marin
    OMG RILEY!!1 I just logged in cuz i havent been on here from a long ass time, and i see the news that slave auction is on AMAZON ... r u kidding ... SO PROUD OF U
    Thank you!!<3 @[Vasilena Marin]
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    My website
    Haha you pay a monthly fee(:
    Abby Hood

    (I typed in at first, and it came up with an eletrical supplies website. Oops haha)
    Intoxicated || H.S.Have you ever woke up forgetting your own identity?Forgetting your age,Your EVERYTHING?Well if you haven't you'll experience it with this movella.Join...
    Hi! You've really inspired me and you're actually the reason I started writing in the first place! It would mean the world to me if you could read my story "Dearest Riley"? It's my first fan-fiction and I really want feedback :)
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    Why does this keep happening...

    I have been finding more and more books that keep copying my stories... On this website and on others. It's really a sucky feeling when I find one. If you guys find any copies can you please report it and send me the link to it? Thanks<3 Update coming soon
    Hi @[Rileyes] I'm sorry to ask you this if this annoys you, I'm also not sure if I've asked you this yet, but if I've already asked you I'm sorry (sorry for babbling). Anyway, I was wondering if you could read my movella Unexpected Meet?
    unexpected meetSibohan (shiv-ahn) was alone on her birthday and unexpectedly was hit by something. She was surprised to be extremely happy with the outcome: meeting a...

    It would mean the world to me, thanks xD
    I really hope that isn't happening to my books.
    If that's one of mine Im so sorry.
    Hey here a quote from Harry styled if you tell
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    The Final Search.... By Nkpica27

    Hi Last Girls!
    I have a favor to ask of you, can you please go read my best friends new story called The Final Search by Nkpica27. It would mean to so much to me! It's great! I will also be updating this week! Enjoy this picture of Harry's sexy fingers. Love you all!
    Consider it done!
    kk jst wanted to say ur an amazing writer im surprised some of your books ive read aren't published and if u want me to help or be co-author in any movellas im here :) thank you for giving me something to read every day and night :) xox
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    It's been a month......

    Hey Last Girls! Okay... I know I haven't updated in a while. Being a sophomore in high school sucks! I have no free time! But to those of you who are saying that you are starting to think I will never update again: I will! I promise! Don't lose faith in me! I'm not dead! I want you to know that I've been reading every single one of your comments! You guys are sooo sweet! I will try to get some writing done today! Thank you for reading! Love you all!<33
    I know how you feel! An exam on Friday, three on Monday, one on tuesday, one on thursday, assignments all due on Friday (4 of them...) And stupid journalism group project due soon too!!! Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!! And then there's the homework... **Insert Dramatic Music**
    hope you can get your school work done
    Please update...i mean yeah your busy with school but your reading fanfictions... ;(
    Hey this is probably a bad place but I was wondering if you could read my movella Unexpected Meet! I know that you probably won't read it cuz like everyone probably asks you to read theirs and I know that In said probably a lot but stick with me here. I was trying to get more comments on U.M. and I just loved your slave auction movellas (can't wait til u update btw) and I was just really hoping that you could read U.M. ps its a bout Niall Horan.
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