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    Hey, guys check out the ORIGINAL story here:

    TailahJade has been stealing it from 1DOnlyYou on wattpad.

    TAKE THIS DOWN. It's not your story, and you have no right to claim it as so. Her story is protected by copyright, so you're actually doing something illegal by posting it here. Write your own story, and don't take other people's work. Just because you changed the main character from Niall to Zayn doesn't mean you're safe from being accused (and rightly so) of plagarism. You still stole the plot. Heck, you didn't even change the summary! Take this story down now, and stop taking others' work!!
    When Everything Disappears
    When Everything...
    She doesn't remember anything. Their first date, their first kiss, the first time he bought her flowers, their first fight. She doesn't even know who he is. She's forgotten something horrible, something...
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