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I am an ex marine who is disabled with asbestosis. The reason for this book, apart from it being a subject that i love, it is also about my family history. I would hate to leave this world knowing that i could help in preservinbg our history and heritage which others try so much to take away from us. You have the power in yourself to read, research and pass on to the next generation that which could be lost forever.
Hereward was my ancestor, someone like him could have been yours.

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    mumbled "My book , piece by piece as it takes a while to copy each chapter. Please enjoy it."

    My book, To Stand Amongst Dragons is 150,000 words long so I will publish piece by piece as it takes a while to copy each chapter. I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it for it is a true story.
  • rhongomyniad

    mumbled "Ex soldier now disabled with asbestosis."

    Since being diagnosed with this illness i have found writing a fantastic way of spending my time, and also furthering my knowledge. I have just finished the drafdt of my first historical novel and now need help to get it published.
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