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I enjoy writing books to relieve my tension. Pretty weird, right? But honestly, writing (technically typing) gives me the right to express all the things I've wanted to share right here, even better... I'm anonymous! Enjoy my stories! Don't like them? I won't take criticizing to the heart. Just tell me what you think is missing.

  • Another Day
    Another Day
    by Eiye
  • Eiye
    4 years agoReply
    Update :) I am aching to see what happens when he enrolls :D
    Rival X Rival
    Rival X Rival
    Yuki Inoue has always been the perfect role model for Yamada High. She has everything a girl would ever want-Intelligence, beauty, strength, talent, and maturity. In reality, she is ignorant and stubborn,...
    4 years ago
    It'll probably take a while since I'm an amateur writer. I'm not very experienced but I hope I will be able to perfectly write and continue the story.
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