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I am a retired fanfic author going to post my works in here.

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    Can you add me to the list?
    Talented Authors on this site: If you're talented,
    Talented Authors...
    So, this is my message to all the authors who don't write 1d and are now living in a sheltered environment. My movellas is here to break that environment. To get you more views and to make sure you get...
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    I think this story got potential in it. I will favorite it.
    My Vampiric Girlfriend: Part one.
    My Vampiric Girlfr...
    16 year old Mike is having the time of his life. Living in Kent and going to a public school, he's the eptiome of his life. He trades, gets involved with crime, drug trade and etc. His uncle sorts him...
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    This looks interesting.
    I Choose You! -Pokemon FanFiction-
    I Choose You! -Pok...
    (For the Battle Of The Fandoms Comp!) Ashley has been on her Pokemon Journey for quite some time, and she lives in the Sinnoh region. Ash has been traveling for quite some time also, and he lives in the...
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