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    The imagery is brilliant in some parts, such as, 'carnelian dirt'. Really strong overall effect. I don't want to sound like an arse, but at Uni, we get told to get rid of the rhyme scheme. There are no constraints then, and it makes the poem more contemporary :)
    Shades of Red
    Shades of Red
    My very first poem. Written for the BIG poetry competition. Took the vid. down to get it updated to the latest version of the poem. It will be back up soon.
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    Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. :) Although I don't think that because you're told at Uni to get rid of the rhyme scheme, it's the right way to do it. All writing is individual and for this piece I chose to keep the rhyme scheme, because, for me, it seemed to work, with the theme of the poem. :) I still appreciate your feedback very much, though. :)
    JL Jacobs
    3 years ago
    I agree. There are no rules in poetry- it's such a personal form of writing that if someone at "Uni" is teaching people restrictions in order to meet contemporary standards, then perhaps that instructor or professor needs to rethink his/her curriculum standards. After All, poetry is the expression of one's mind, so why should there be barriers and standards?
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    Liking the blazon effect...turning the poem on it's head at the end aswell is a good effect! An interesting, contemporary sonnet!
    Sonnet 1(30)
    Sonnet 1(30)
    My entry for the Valentine's Day competition. My sonnet in the style of Shakespeare's Sonnet 130. Please like, as even being the 3rd runner up would be amazing!:)
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    Loving the sounds from the, 'screaming, screeches'. The imagery is great as well, with the graffiti on the wall, and then the imagery with the watch. Well done!
    From Inside a Toilet Stall
    From Inside a Toil...
    A poem I wrote based on experience from school.
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