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  • Reenami

    mumbled "List of Questions that literally anybody can answer"

    2 years agoReply
    •What kind of fandoms are you guys in?

    •favorite genre?

    •1st, 2nd, or 3rd person?

    •ANYTHING that might trigger you?

    •Reader inserts, yea, or nah?

    •Would you guys like to see a drawing Movella?

    •Prompts would be nice :)

    You could answer any, or all, of these if you want, I just need a better grasp of what you guys want ^_^

    (Because I have no inspiration whatsoever)
  • Reenami

    mumbled "I'm pretty gay."

    2 years agoReply
    Well, technically bi. But like, kinda gay.

  • Reenami

    mumbled "New Movella!!"

    2 years agoReply
    What We Used to Be[TRIGGER WARNINGS: •self harm •language] "Her smile, her laugh, the way that we'd talk for hours on end and never stop.. I loved pretty damn...

    Y'know... I hear that story's pretty should go check it out ;) ;) ;)
  • Reenami

    mumbled "Hi!!!"

    2 years agoReply
    So, I'm like half-new to movellas. I remember like three years ago I was here (probably not gonna say who I was unless I used to know you) but I kinda left due to all my cringe being here...

    Anyway, most of the stories I have planned are original stories, one of them being based off my life and all that...

    But if you wanna request Fanfiction, I'm right here ;)

    Let's establish a few rules, shall we?
    1)Ask me about the fandom first and I'll tell you whether I'll be able to write for it or not

    2)No OC x Canon. If you want, I'll make a reader insert... But I'm not gonna go ahead and ask for details about how your character looks like and all that.

    3)Most of the time it'll be a oneshot, but if you want a full-on story, just ask and we'll see

    4)Don't be a jack@$$ to me or to anyone that talks about their fandoms or whatnot. (Pretty much, I don't want Directioners being bashed on and I don't want SuperWhoLocks murdering each other.)

    5)Art requests will be taken, just as long as nothing's NSFW.

    If you have any other inquiries, I'm right here ^_^
    2 years ago
    Awh sweet! How long ago?
    2 years ago
    Niice! I first started like three years ago, went on/off, then came back here for the glory of cringe XD
    2 years ago
    Lol what was your old URL?