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My name is Lorna and I'm an avid reader and writer... I write mostly poetry but sometimes veer off into the novel direction ...XOX

  • redridinghood

    Any Good Horror Novel Suggestions?

    I am Currently Stuck For What To Read And Thought I Would Read A Good Horror .... But It Seems Like I Can't Find One ... Has Anyone Got Any Suggestions?

    6 years ago
    i know this isn't a book or anything but if your allowed to look up on youtube "Celebrity ghost storys" I enjoy watching them, but they tend to be quite scary. So don't scare yourself!
    Stephen King is wonderful at writing horror stories. I sugests "Pet Cemetary" for it is spooky and brilliant. I haven't seen the movie, but I've seen the sequel movie. It isn't super scary, but it gave me goosebumps. Hope I helpped.
    5 years ago
    read, paranormal love its the best book ever!!!!
  • redridinghood
    I Love The Way you Have Wirtten These Short Stories ... I Love The Potato One , Just Because Of Its Nonsense! ... Your Style Of Writing Kinda Reminds me Of Some Of The Tim Burton Books I Have Such As " The Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy" ANd Other Short Stories Such as These ...

    No Critisism Needed At All :)

    Weird Short Stories
    Weird Short Storie...
    A collection of weird and incredibly short stories. If you think they are good please 'Like' and 'Favourite'. All comments are read and appreciated! Thanks!
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    You have a good eye (Most of them are inspired from them)
  • redridinghood
    The Way In Which You Show Masses Of Emotion And Pain In This Poem Really Inspires Me ...
    I Love The Structure And The Way In Which It Has Been Written... Brilliant Use Of Repetition At The Ending ....
    I'll be waiting
    I'll be waiting
    this is a poem i wrote about a person in love i hope you enjoy it please like and comment on it<3
    6 years ago
    Thank you <3 means a lot 2 me<3
    6 years ago
    Thats Okay <3
    6 years ago
    hey can u check out ma new movella "my life"<3
    thankyou x
  • redridinghood
    I love These Small But Powefull Poems ... keep It Up ! :)
    If this book wasn't about poetry it would have no purpose...
    If this book wasn'...
    Poetry about everything, each page has a new story. No theme, just pure poetry.... Just to let you know this is where I'll be putting all my poetry now so you might have to wait for ages for the next...
    6 years ago
    Thanks much!
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