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Hi! My penname is RedJeans55!!!!!

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    Hey Everybody!!!! My name is RedJeans55 and I just joined Movella!!!!! I am REALLY excited about it because I am quite a big fan of stories but you don't want to hear about me do ya???? Anyway... As a massive fan of fashion, I have decided to write my blogs about fashion!!! So, as it is coming up to spring, I am going to enlighten you guys to the wonderful world of springtime fashion...
    So, first, Bermuda Shorts have made a welcomed appearance in London Fashion Week as they are a wonderful substiution for summer shorts which should not be seen in the spring. However, you don't need to go bland with the colours, in fact you could go bright colours like emerald greens and cobalt blues if you want to fit into the spring scenery! Also, you could team these with loose tops in slightly plainer colours but with pretty patterns. So, for all those reading (which there is a high possibility is nobody) just remember that it is not yet summer but you can still rock some spring colours!!!
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