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    I'm Backkkk!

    Hi everyone!
    Firstly, apologies for being away for sooooo long. School work has become really difficult and I barely have time to write anymore :( This school year will be difficult for me as my exams are at the end of this year!
    There is so much I want to write and I'm so grateful to all those that have stuck by me since I first made my account on here. You really have all inspired me in so many ways and will continue to inspire me every single day. I promise that whenever I get free time I will try to write and publish as much as I can.
    I'd also like to thank everyone that has read and supported my Twilight story. It's gotten so far and has proven to be favourite. I continue to see all the positive comments on it and it overwhelms me so much. As I mentioned before, I will try to do a sequel for it as so many of you guys loved it and have been telling me to write a sequel for agggggges.
    If there are any other movellas you would like to see me update or even if you have a great idea for me then please leave a comment below.
    Thank you so much for your continued love and support.
    Kathryn :)
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    Twilight Story Continued...?

    Recently I've had many people commenting on my Twilight Story (check it out if you haven't) and asking me to "finish it" and by this I'm assuming write another to continue it. Would any of you like to see another story?
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    What would YOU like to see?

    Hey everyone!
    I'm sorry for not coming on this, I've been extremely busy lately. I thought that since I haven't been on this very much, or haven't updated any movellas lately I'll give you guys the chance to say what you want to see from me!
    What movella would you like to see more of? Or do you want me to start a totally new movella? It's totally up to all you guys! I want to hear from you! :)
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    To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

    Would anyone like to help with my essay? If you've read the book please let me know. :)
    Okay so you can talk about lots of things for this! The fire and the lynch mob are great examples, but you can also talk about how he doesn't charge people the full payment for defending them, and actually defending Tom because at that time so self-respecting white lawyer would ever defend a black man, especially when he was charged with the rape of a white woman. So yeah, quite a lot you can talk about :D
    Red Oak
    Yeah! I'll talk about both. Thanks so much for helping! :)
    Aww it's okay! By the way on my first comment it was meant to be a smiley face so I'm not sure why it turned out like that hahaa :P
    Red Oak
    Haha! It's fine! :)
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    How come I can only order papella on some of my movellas?
    Luke J.RAmbass..
    A'ha, interesting question. Well from what I know so far - You can only make Movellas that have a certain amount of chapters a Papella or it could be down to this: "The Movella must have a certain amount of Likes or Faves" :)
    Red Oak
    Oh, that's odd haha! But thank you for answering!:)
    Close, but actually it's the number of words. It must be at least 3,500 words to be ordered :) that's enough for 14 paged movella.
    Red Oak
    Ah, I can see where they're coming from. It would be pretty stupid to order one that only had one page haha. Thank you! :)
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