There is a difference between everything and anything.
My name is Rebecca. I like the idea of some impossible things, but not others. I believe in love but I am not too sure what to make of the ideas of luck, fate, and destiny. I do like the idea of 'happily ever after' but I understand that it is not always that simple. I understand that life can be incredibly complicated and difficult but I still believe in optimism and hope in the face of pessimism and despair.
For more of my writing, find me on FictionPress as showmethestarlight, and on FanFiction as NeverBeLonely.

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    An Update

    I have removed my Movellas 'Black Boots & Secret Missions' and 'The Girl in the Picture' because they both need a lot of editing. Hopefully they'll be on this site again at some point in the future and hopefully one day I'll actually finish writing 'Black Boots'! It may also have a new title next time you see it, there is going to be quite a lot of editing!
    Until next time,
    Anna Gracelyn
    Aww, I hope you do finish Black Boots at some point as I liked that :)
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