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Hey guys!I'm a big Directioner so ur probably going to hear a lot about One Direction.I'm great at making stories and writing is my best subject so im thinking of becoming an author.Thats all i have to say so i hope you love my blog/stories :)

  • Rebecca Nicole 1D
    yesss you should keep going your going to be an awesome author some day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Little things (one direction love story)
    Little things (one...
    Anna is insecure, She's bullied at school and uses cutting as stress relief. When her only friend, Jeremiah, has her go to a party with him she meets 2 mysterious boys.Each boy has her for half the night....
    5 years ago
    Thank you! :) that really means a lot to me. Hope your enjoying the story, I'm working on an update now.
  • Rebecca Nicole 1D
    that was awesome :)
    Happy ever after...not
    Happy ever after.....
    Every girl has their crush, their lies, their secrets. That one friend who isn't really a friend, and that one person who knows everything. I have everyone of those. I have role models and enmies. But...
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