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  • ∂reamMu§e®
    I love this story! It's the first Reyna POV I've read! Quite sad how Annabeth dies :( Good luck with the comp! :)
    Blood of Olympus: Alternate Ending
    Blood of Olympus:...
    Hi everyone, this is my entry for the Blood of Olympus: Alternate Ending Writing Competition. This is my first time doing something like this so I do hope you like it :) It's written from Reyna's point...
    The Impossible Wise Girl
    Thanks, happy you liked it :) I know, it killed me to kill off Annabeth :'( Good luck to you too!
  • ∂reamMu§e®
    This is so good! And so sweet >.<
    Alternate Ending to the Blood of Olympus
    Alternate Ending...
    This is for the writing contest, the Blood of Olympus. It's an ending I would like, to wrap up the Blood of Olympus and the entire PJO saga.
    3 years ago
    Aw, thanks dreamMuse :-) I had fun writing it, I feel like I grew up with Percy, I was 12 when the first book came out. I've followed him along all the adventures. I love these stories so much.
    3 years ago
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    I guess I know how you feel. I wasn't the same age like you ^.^ but I grew up reading the books. Having the series actually end is sad :( but that chapter is over T_T A new one is starting. Guess we'll have to read the new series coming out!
    Piper Mashea
    3 years ago
    I'm going to miss reading about Seaweed Brain and his adventures and I'm sure I'll be crying when I start Rick' s next series, because it won't be about Kelp head......
  • ∂reamMu§e®
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    I absolutely love your alternate ending. IT ENDED WITH A CLIFFHANGER!! I would honestly love to see what happens after... Is Percy actually alive? Or is he still dead? It's something that I can actually see in the book. Not ashamed to admit that it did make my eyes water a bit >.<
    Piper (Blood of Olympus entry)
    Piper (Blood of...
    My entry for the Blood of Olympus competition. From Piper's point of view and how she feels. I hope you like it.
    3 years ago
    I have eluded to what has happened to Percy when Tyson says that two birds and a strange monkey are watching him. But I don't want t give too much away.
    Like Rick, I'm a sucker for cliff hanger endings. I love them.
    I'm really glad you liked my ending, thank you for commenting.
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