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  • real1Dforever23
    Stop taking credit for a book you didn't write. My friend paislydot13 wrote this book on watt pad and you have no right to pretend its yours….seriously this is just creepy, esp. if you are the same person as "1Dforever23" who is copying my book. Stop.
    The New Girl
    The New Girl
    ***I asked curiously, "Anyways...is this boarding school..you know, fun? Boring?" *** Siri Trandom is an ordinary girl who expects ordinary things. She was never popular back home in America, so when she...
  • real1Dforever23
    Excuse me I don't who you are or know what you think you're doing but you have completely plagerized my book and are trying to take over my identity. I am 1Dforever23, and I am the author of Don't Look Back and you damn well know that. You even copied my biography from watt pad word for word , do you think this is ok? Its not. Take this down immediately and stop trying to take credit for something that you did not do. I spend a lot of time on my books and are very proud of them, you have no right to take my ideas, characters and story and call them your own. And its actually extremely creepy that you copied my bio….like what are you trying to do? You are also trying to take credit for my trailer…..I made that, not you so stop pretending and come up with your own ideas. This is the link to the real story that I am the author of from watt pad. Anyone reading this, please click on this link and read the real story from the real author.
    whoever did this, take it down….now.
    Don't Look Back(One Direction Fanfic)
    Don't Look Back(On...
    ***"Don't you ever feel alone? Like theres no one else fighting for you...but yourself? And what happens when you give up..."*** Mira Servati was left with nothing at age 15. After her parents died, her...
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