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  • R.C. Hayes

    mumbled "No. Ideas."

    2 years agoReply
    Taking a little bit of a break from Midnight... Pushing myself to put new content out when I feel like it has to be there doesn't necessarily mean that the content is good, so I need to wait until there are poems I feel comfortable releasing, and proud of.

    For books, however, I have so many ideas. Hopefully the outlining process can begin today, as well as designing the characters at some point this weekend!
  • R.C. Hayes


    2 years agoReply
    Like vlogs, just...with an M. For Movellas.

    Instead of simply relying on Mumbles for updates on our books, what about videos?

    Just like the Mumble page, there would be an "M-Log" page where the newest m-logs could be seen.
    M-Log's could be a way to share news about our stories, gain audience, and communicate with others.
    The videos would have a 3-minute (or however long Movellas decided) limit, and only one video can be posted a day in order to keep the number down and prevent spam.
    The M-Log's would have only a G-rating - because that is the only type of content that should be posted. It's safe, appropriate, and, really, what's the need for anything else?
    How it could work:
    Videos would be linked through YouTube (users would have the option to make their videos private on YouTube unless someone has the link, or to make it public).
    Once the user copy-and-pastes it to Movellas, the video shows up and can be commented on and liked when published.
    Simple, and fun. Safety measures would be completely up to Movellas (age limits in order to protect identity, time limits, posting limits, etc.) and moderated if needed - meaning that the admins have full ability to remove a video.

    This was just an idea I had when I was considering starting a Vlog channel on YouTube to communicate with followers about my books. I, personally, think it would be a good way to ‘control’, at least for the time being, the kind of audience I have on my videos, instead of opening them completely to the public.
  • R.C. Hayes

    mumbled "Publishing..."

    2 years agoReply
    Does anyone have any self-publishing experience? I've been looking into it for a while, but would love to hear about it from people who have actually done it already, or know someone who has.
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