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    giving feedback on 1D stories

    4 years agoReply
    if you have a one direction fan fiction on movellas i can help you by giving you feedback (: and it would be nice if you did the same to me. my story is called the new family (: and comment if you want me to give you feedback on your story :D
    4 years ago
    Could you read mine?
    Dearest RileyRiley Horan. Sound familiar? Probably not. According to Modest! Management (a.k.a. One Direction’s management company), Riley doesn't exist. She is Niall...
    Please read mine! "A New Beginning" :)
    A New BeginningA young girl and her mother move away from their Canadian home to live with their new family. With a new step dad came new step siblings, but what Lauren...
    4 years ago
    I'd love some feedback on mine!
    An Interview with Harry Styles'He begins by introducing himself as if I didn’t already know who he was, and then folds himself gracefully into the chair opposite me. He looks as relaxed...
    Thanks :D
  • RayHoranx
    4 years agoReply
    Name: yara
    Boy: Harry
    Where:movie night where we watch a horror movie
    1D and 5SOS Imagines/story's
    1D and 5SOS Imagin...
    To get your imagine in this movella all you have to do is to comment Example Your name: Chloe Boy: Niall Where:beach Summary: I want it to be romantic and for me and him to fall...
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