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I am an up and coming author of teen romance (giving romance a modern twist). My writing usually handles one of those problems all teenagers go through but don't know how to handle.

My novel page can be found here:!/pages/Two-Beautiful-Summers-A-lesson-in-True-Love/133814213362094

  • ravenouswriter
    Thank you very much. I am hoping to get Chapter 2 and 3 up over the next couple of days
    Best Freinds and Lovers
    Best Freinds and...
    Can best freinds really become lovers? When Kevin Parsons sporadically kisses his best friend on a camping trip, she returns the favor and Kevin decides to try a relationship. Now, Kevin must attempt to...
  • ravenouswriter
    A couple of grammatical errors which really stand out, a lot of dialogue. Overall pretty good but I'd recommend a little more thematic layout and description
    Two minds, one soul
    Two minds, one sou...
    You don't chose a dragon a dragon choses you and once you have been chosen your are bound to your dragon for life. Only the witches who are still one with the old ways are chosen. They came from a distant...
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