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  • Ravenclaw_Hermione
    how do I edit my profile and make a fanfic?
    "What If?" a Harry Potter fanfiction
    "What If?" a Harry...
    What if Lily and James didn't die? What if Voldemort accidentally destroyed himself? What if Harry now had siblings, and a happy life? Read to find out what would happen if James and Lily were still alive!
    Emma Weaslette
    1 years ago
    You click on the top right corner where it has a picture and your name, and then click Edit Profile. To create a fanfiction, scroll all the way to the bottom and, under the column Create, click New Story.
  • Ravenclaw_Hermione
    when will you add more?
    The kiss of the ferret
    The kiss of the...
    Harry Potter, the golden boy, was taking a shameful midnight stroll around Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizadry, until he turned around only to see a small, white ferret following him... (Drarry...
    1 years ago
    I will try to add asap. I usually add another chapter everyday or every other day. If I'm not busy, I might add 2 chapters in one day :)
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