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Well, my name's Amber, and I live in the UK.
I heart Doctor Who.
a LOT.
and The Hunger Games,
and How To Train Your Dragon,
and Books.
LOTS of books.
Apparently I talk too quickly. I don't know really, maybe they talk too slowly. I used to be quite hyper, but being a teenager has turned me into an emotional pessimist. I get bored a lot, I get tired at lot, I get depressed a lot, I cry a lot, I love too many boys, I eat a lot, I draw a lot, I write a lot.
Basically my life story.
Anywho, I hope you like my writing. I try my best. I am only thirteen though, so I should improve in the future.
Also, I play guitar. I'm not that good, but I play as the guitarist in a band. Well, not really a band, but a group in my music class. I just like to imagine us all as a band someday.

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