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  • raQue^^SexyZanahoria
    Update update update! Lol i think harry was in here, u have 69 readers:3 haha okno sorry
    Meant For Me (Liam Payne Fanfic)
    Meant For Me (Liam...
    Ruby and Liam used to be best friends. After he became part of One Direction,it seems like he forgot about her. Danielle (Liam girlfriend) breaks up with him before he leaves on his vacation and he goes...
  • raQue^^SexyZanahoria
    Hii:) my name is Raquel but put something like Rachel, and i will like one with Louis please, and lol it dosent matter if its dirty or cute, make me one with both:3 if u want:)
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    Hey guys so i decided to do something different! So here we are you can ask for a sweet imagine! Comment the the things most important 1) Your name! 2) Your boy *but better watch if its my Daddy Direction!*...
    Hailey Laken Payne
    Your chapter is up now Love :)
  • raQue^^SexyZanahoria
    hii:) hmm well i really really reeeally need to talk to u, i will be so happy if u could reply to my twitter @quirosraquel or to quirosdelgado@hotmail.com, well i really hope we can talk, i neeeeed to ask u something:) ps: u r an AWWWWSOME writer, God bless u:3
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