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    I don't know if you can take any more characters but I have one
    name CherryAnne Barnett
    age. 17
    year. 7th year
    era. Harry's children
    house. Ravenclaw
    blood status. half blood
    favourite lesson. charms
    friends. you can choose
    personality. clever, pretty, kind, helpful
    looks. long dark hair, chocolate brown eyes, coffee coloured skin
    gender. female
    pet. tabby kitten
    Hogwarts Tales
    Hogwarts Tales
    This book is about the many people who have gone to Hogwarts. There will be many small books in one. Each book will be telling the reader what there life is like at Hogwarts. Read inside for further detail....
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    plz update
    Everything Harry Potter
    Everything Harry...
    Are you a Harry Potter fan? If yes then this is the Movella for you. Whether you just love discussing Harry Potter, telling Harry Potter related humor or anything else that is in any way connected to Harry...
    Emma Bird
    4 years ago
    will do soon :) xx
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    please update
    What happened after:  I'm Ginny Weasley
    What happened afte...
    this is Ginny's story. what happened after Harry defeated Voldemort. Some of the things in here aren't totally accurate, sorry.
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    Potter Quiz
    Potter Quiz
    Are you smarter than an average potter fan. Answer the question that has yet been unanswered in comments and wait for next question to be posted. Fab questions and can shock you with the answers. :) Be...
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