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I love to write stories in my free time. I especially love to read, mostly mangas. I like food and cute things haha :)

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    I have a feeling this will be interesting keep updating!
    Can't Help Falling In Love
    Can't Help Falling...
    When Amalia leaves her mom with her five year old brother Ethan and the money her aunt gave her. What will her adventure be when she leaves her home to live with her aunt in London? Also what adventure...
    5 years ago
    thanks and I will
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    Please try reading mine, its a fanfiction of an anime, but its still good to read.
    I Want To Be NearThis is a entry for the contest inspired by a song. It's a fanfiction of Fushigiboshi no futago hime. The song that inspried this short story is "Near...
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    the funny thing is my nickname is Div.. its short for Divina i laughed
    The Movellas Teen Dictionary
    The Movellas Teen...
    First, the English language expanded as populations moved across the world, then people such as Shakespeare used their imagination and creativity to add hundreds more words. Now teenagers, the internet...
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