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You can't make a rainbow without a little rain. :)

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    mumbled "Pocky visits again "

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    Merry Christmas! How are you guys? What's been happening?
    Also, I graduated primary last Monday. Now on to high school :D
    2 years ago
    (Hi Evan *waves*)

    Lifish, hmmm xD I've been great, honestly xD you up to anything cool lately?
    2 years ago
    My house is practically being redone XD it's been really noisy while they've been messing around with all the rooms. There's paint and stuff everywhere.
    How about you?
    2 years ago
    Oooh, fun xD a friend of mine is getting her house redone or something- she wanted carpet for christmas xD um, not much has been happening lately, but since I talked to you I've started at a new school, joined drama club (which was EPICCC BEYOND BELIEF), made a couple friends, and actually managed not to completely fail at having a social life for once :D
  • Rainbowlollies99
    You know, sometimes I slip quietly on to Movellas, just to look back on this stuff and reflect on when TOD was spamming and annoying everyone with dares.
    You guys should really update, by the way. XD

    Bop (A Movellas fanfiction)
    Bop (A Movellas...
    On coldest day and blackest night, One group will set out to rid the site of inappropriate fanfictions and nasty things, but they’re unaware of the trouble that brings A fruit has foretold of a ship...

  • Rainbowlollies99
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    Hmm, you remind me of someone. An old friend of mine...
    Not that I've been stalking you or anything. XD
    Hi, my name's Pocky! Can I kill you? :)
    2 years ago
    Aww man! Really? SO not fair...
    Nice to meet you Sam! Unfortunately I must go, as I am not a permanent resident of the Movellas community. Take care of the unicorns and pockies for me, yeah? I must return to the great beyond.

    P.S. I seem to have misplaced my sanity. I have a feeling it's hiding somewhere around here... Although it is not sorely missed, if you happen to stumble across it, returning the thing would be much appreciated.
    Take care! :)
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    mumbled "Byeeeeee!"

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    It's practically 3AM so I should probably go XD
    I'll speak to you guys... probably around Christmas?
    Anyway, byeeee!
    Remember to check out the stuff on the previous mumble! XD *Throws packets of pockies at all of you*
    *Disappears in a cloud of black smoke*
    *Dramatic music plays in the backround*
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