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What to say about me, what to say about me.

I'm a writer of an amateur level. I like to write fantasy (more of the E.T. type fantasy than Lord of the Rings fantasy) and I'm learning how to write sci-fi as well.

I like to watch anime and play video games, which is where some of my inspiration comes from.

Don't worry, I don't bite...unless you're made of chocolate filled with rice krispies...

  • Rai Pager

    mumbled "Suffered Another Loss..."

    4 days agoReply
    I lost a dear friend and roommate and my best friend lost a boyfriend last night. We're still all trying to process this and we don't want to believe it. I sure as hell don't want to...Please keep his family and my friend in your thoughts.
    Katie Pharoah
    4 days ago
    Thoughts are with you and his family, what a sad loss :)
  • Rai Pager

    mumbled "Chapter 6 Coming Soon!"

    3 months agoReply
    Don't know if anyone is following or not, but if you are or just interested, I'll upload Chapter 6 of Santa's Angels real soon (sometime this month, I promise). I wanted to finish and post it after Christmas, but it just didn't work out; drama with family, roommates, work. You know, life.

    And before you post "I haven't read it yet, but...", how about actually reading it instead?
  • Rai Pager

    mumbled "Upcoming Chapter"

    4 months agoReply
    I hope everyone had some nice and festive holidays. I'm sorry if anyone clicked around Christmas Eve and Day and didn't see a new chapter of Santa's Angels. I was gonna have the chapter finished before then but it's hard to write with sugarplums dancing in your head. I'm also wondering if it would be a good or bad idea to add a chapter only around the holidays.
  • Rai Pager

    mumbled "Hurricane Irma Aftermath"

    8 months agoReply
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    Roommates left yesterday morning and got home around 11 PM (that highway traffic is something else...). Last night the power was off, but this morning my roommate called and said the power was now on. Parents wanted me to stay one more day so I'm leaving tomorrow morning. May be things can get slightly back to normal and I can get back to writing.
    8 months ago
    Aw I'm so sorry!!!
    Rai Pager
    8 months ago
    Our house is still standing, thankfully. And the power came on this morning. Only damage done is a large tree fell in our backyard.
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