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Just a crazy teenage girl trying to understand life and survive it while doing some of the things that I love like reading, writing, and talking about various fandoms.
Basic info. I'm Maddie. I'm 19. Freshman and intervention specialist major at Bowling Green State University. I play flute in the Falcon Marching Band. I'm tall af. I don't know what goes on in my mind except that I'll randomly blurt out Broadway musical lyrics.
Oh and I have an obsession with corgis and an anime about ice skating.
Stories finished:
Start of Something New
Right Here, Right Now
Pretend It's Love
When You Look Me In The Eyes
Little Talks
These Bruises
Ericka's Opus
(All above are fanfictions)
The World Turned Upside Down (my poem)
Welcome to Brookfield (other poem)

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    mumbled "Thanks 2017"

    So while I was not the most active on here during 2017, I have had a very memorable year myself. I got more serious about a novel I’m working on to hopefully get published, I went to Washington DC, I went to Disney World and Universal Studios, I did a lot of things. But I think the three biggest things that happened this year were that I graduated high school, I started my freshman year of college, and I did college marching band.
    I’m entering 2018 with a focus on dance, raising money for dance marathon, and knowing that I am in my last eight months of being a teenager as I turn 20 this year.
    So thank you, 2017, for the ups and the downs. 2018 YA BETTER BE READY!!!
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    mumbled "College update #2"

    3 months agoReply
    Hey guys! Another month has passed and it has now been two months since I started my college life! I think now the 14th of every month I’m going to do a monthly update on what has been going on since the last update. So here is what happened since my last update:
    -I did recruitment for a band service sorority called Tau Beta Sigma. While recruitment was fun, I didn’t get a bid to join.
    -With Quidditch or TBS not working out, I found something I could do. I got back into dance. I’m involved with a thing on campus called University Dance Alliance and I’ve been going to classes every Wednesday since my leg healed. They’re so much fun and I’m glad I’m doing it. I’m going to audition for the spring showcase next semester!!
    -Had two more college football games! One of them was tonight! We lost both of them.
    -I went back home for my high school’s homecoming game. It was great to see family and friends again!
    -There’s a potential boyfriend in my life?!?! I’ll leave it at that.
    -I went to my first college hockey game and I loved every moment of it!!
    So that’s that. No there haven’t been any parties, but maybe once marching band dies down I might go to one. Or a club. Idk. I want to try and be a little rebellious.
    That’s all! Have a good evening!!!
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    mumbled "College update #1"

    4 months agoReply
    Hey guys! So tomorrow, September 14, will be one month exact since I moved into my college dorm and began my college experience. Now I know I'm writing as much as I maybe would've during high school (blame papers and such) but I decided to treat you guys with two things: an update on my life, and an update on Fairly Local. Yes, I am working on a chapter right now that I hope to get done by Friday. Without further adu, here is how the last month of my life went!
    -I survived college marching band camp. It was more intense than high school band camp but I'm alive. And high step is hell.
    -I marched in my first college football game!! It was so much fun!!
    -I started classes. Some of them I want to die in, and some I only hate because of the time it starts (I have an eight am stats class on tuesdays and Thursday's) but like...I'm done early! And it gives me enough time to do some homework before marching band rehearsal!!
    -I tried quidditch. Yes, the sport from Harry Potter. It's an actual sport played in college. But however during tryouts I got hit with a bludger and bruised/sprained my knee. It's not as bad from when I sprained my knee in eighth grade, but it was bad to not have me continue tryouts and not make the team this year. But I made some great friends and will hope to see them in games!!
    - I went to my first college party. Yes, I did drink but I only drank one Bud Lite. It was alright, but next party I'm having two (and that's all).
    So that's it for college updates with Maddie!! I'll see you guys soon and be on the lookout for a new and very late chapter on Fairly Local!! Have a good rest of your week!!!
    (And happy birthday Niall :) )
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    mumbled "5 year anniversary!"

    5 months agoReply
    So I'm home from college for the weekend and will be going to the Canfield Fair tomorrow but I remembered today is my 5 year anniversary of joining Movellas!! I just want to say a big thanks to people who have stayed with me since the beginning (I'm amazed) and to new people who have come in also! I love you guys!
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    5 months ago
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    Happy anniversary!!
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    mumbled "College move-in"

    5 months agoReply
    Hi. So many people know that I graduated high school back in June. I know I didn't write a whole lot this summer but a job can really put a toll on writing. Plus I spent an entire month of July working on a long term novel. But with all of that said, I'm moving into my college dorm today. I was thinking, it's funny how I joined Movellas when I was barely an eighth grader (school had already started) and now years later and many a fan fictions later, I'm about to start my college career. Wow.
    Time flies.
    Also thanks for the birthday wishes last week!!
    Well...time to start the next chapter.
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