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Anonymous account for me to show my sorrows, troubles, and secret thoughts.

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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    You're definitely not 22. You can't even spell the word straight correctly in your Movella. It's also offensive and vulgar. I suggest you just get rid of it, despite how many followers you have or hearts. If you care about ethics and morals at all. Which you probably don't. -.-
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    mumbled "Stupid Mistakes"

    To calm down last night I took a shot of rum and then took my depression pill so I would feel relaxed and wouldn't get the urge to start self-harming. But now I have a killer headache and I know if my boyfriend found out he would be disappointed. I'm planning on working on homework and setting up for our Yard Sale tonight, which I might have to skip school to work if my mom doesn't show up, which she probably won't. She won't answer me after I accused her of quitting her job three weeks ago and then lying about it behind my back.
    Leaving for the summer.
    Follow your heart and be free.
    The only person who can love yourself is you.
    Take the road not traveled.
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    mumbled "*Confession*"

    So before I leave for the summer, I'd like to confess who I am. Not that it'd mean much to anyone. But, I'm @[CalleyTaylor] and I made this account so my friends wouldn't always ask me if I needed help when I write a mumble about self-harm, suicide, etc. Just a heads up. People might forget anyways.
    Just wanted to get things off my chest.
    *Sigh* So yeah. Check me out on either account. I'm always looking for friends.
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    mumbled "Congratulations (A Poem)"

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    And yet for busting my faith
    You get a prize
    Your life has been lies
    I heard you're a sinner
    And you think I am too
    But you don't even know me
    I could be just like you
    And even though I'm not
    Where's your right to judge?
    I don't have to be like you
    A Jesus freak love
    I can be dying
    And all you would care
    Is where I would
    Up here or down there?
    You think I offend you?
    Well you offend me
    And your Christian eyes so blind
    That you can't even see
    I hope you feel happy
    And you feel much bigger
    Because I'm a broken person
    About to pull the trigger
    So congratulations once more
    On tearing a broken house down
    And I'll be leaving this earth
    Without making a sound
    4 years ago
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    :( This is so sad but you really have a talent with writing.
    4 years ago
    Thank you. It means a lot.
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