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  • Rachellechoco
    I really like this movella if you want to check out mine go ahead it s a teen love story : confusion. I hope you like it
    A Zombie Chronicle
    A Zombie Chronicle
    With the mother of all colds coming on, Daniel commutes into London at the beginning of the New Year. All is not what it seems as everyone around him appears to be suffering with what he first believes...
    5 years ago
    Glad you like it, it's been hard work, but lots of fun coming up with new ideas! I will definitely check out your Movella :-)
  • Rachellechoco
    I love this story you guys try reading mine and tell me what you think thanx
    Pulse: A Harry Styles Fanfic (15+) (ON HOLD)
    Pulse: A Harry Sty...
    What do you do when you fall in love? Well... you fall in love. No matter how much you want to deny it, you have fallen into it. Now... what do you do when that person who you loved & trusted so much with...
  • Rachellechoco
    I love this story it s so good, if you want to read mine go ahead and tell me what you think
    I Love You, Too.
    I Love You, Too.
    Emily is alone on Valentines day. Harry's busy, of all days. But then, there's a surprise.
  • Rachellechoco
    I like this story if you want to give my story a try and tell me what you think thanx
    Little Secrets.
    Little Secrets.
    MATURE CONTENT. Fan fiction about Niall and Harry mainly, will have a lot of dirty bits in it - just to warn you ;) About a girl called Anna who is going on holiday with her best friend Chloe and the...
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