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Insta: Logan_Kitts2016
Twitter: helloIammyself12
Music.ly: LeadLlamaLogan
Snapchat: llama_logan

Hai. My names Llama. Im 11 yrs old and in middle school. Bday is 11-9-04 even tho it says 11-9-97 on all my social media.


Lilly my 9 yr old pit bull/boxer mix
Foxy my 15 yr old Pomeranian
Gracie my 1 yr old tan&white coonhound
Zayda my 3 yr old Rottweiler
Princess my 11 week old tuxedo cat
Ornaca my 6 yr old amazon parrot
Tarshian (Trrchy) my green-wing macaw
Styx my idc age balled python

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