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I write stories, poems, I act and I online roleplay.
Don't be afraid to be friends with me if you wish to and make sure to read my stories!
Cheers, Ryan.

  • R. M. DeVizo
    This looks like an interesting start.
    Different unique names, good and interesting storyline, the characters have an interesting personality..
    Although I said the storyline is good and interesting I must say sometimes might seem confusing but then easy to understand.
    To begin with I rate this 0-20: 16.5

    -Ryan :)
    Okay Mr Ackerman
    Okay Mr Ackerman
    "You're not the only one... Walkin' round with a loaded gun~!" Tch, I bet this is another of those typical love stories... Yeah, probably. Maybe.... Hm....? Juuzou = out of control problem child... Levi...
  • R. M. DeVizo
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    WHOA!! This is a good poem. I use to write poems on an app called " Poems " and I still do sometimes. And for me, this poem would of been hot in the app.
    It has a good way of emotion expression and well.. a good flow.
    From 0-20 this poem is DEFINITELY... 20.

    -Ryan :)
    Roses Have Wilted
    Roses Have Wilted
    A poem about suicide.
    1 years ago
    Thank you so much for reading my poem! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
  • R. M. DeVizo
    So far this has been interesting. A+ characters, it's different. Good and interesting dialogue and an interesting storyline.
    So far I rate this book from 0-20: 18.5
    I'm not a 1D fan if this is actually a 1D fanfic but... I really enjoy this and to be honest this could make a good play script.

    -Ryan :)
    Wrong Number(h.s. Fanfiction)
    Wrong Number(h.s....
    It all started with the wrong number.
    Zoe Lau
    1 years ago
    thank you it means a lot :)
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