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Hi I'm R.J. Yayoi.
March 23, blood type A+
I'm an Otaku, I love watching animes and I love reading mangas and books.
I can draw and I'm not really bad in using color pencil.
I like sweets and I hate Spicy foods.
I'm not fond of animals but I don't dislike them.
I could speak Tagalog, Bisaya, English and 0.05% Japanese
I'm a one piece die hard fan. And a Yaoi addict.
My favorite mangakas are Oda Echiiro, Masashi Kashimoto, Hiro Mashima and Shungiku Nakamura and I have so many favorite writers. (Too many to mention)
...Anyway, I'm a Filipino romantic novel writer (Wannabe)
I'll be writing teens and young adult fictions and I'll also gonna try writing a BL light novels.

And as for my pacing, I'm a college student so I don't really think I'll be so active.
...but not to worry guys, I'll be publishing by volume not by chapter so rest assured with endings...
Please follow me and I hope we could all be friends and I hope you'll like my stories and don't forget to vote and comment ^_^

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