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I'm an ordinary girl who loves to write, I'm not particularly good at it, but i enjoy it.
I love my life and everyone in it ( yeah ok, most people) but i think that adding a little more 'me' into a world where im sorta shy around people i dont know isnt a bad thing! :P

  • R.J Letts
    3 years agoReply
    To all (if any) readers,
    Hey, I am R.J.Letts (Becky) and I am the creator of this and many other unfinished pieces.
    I just wanted to apologies for not finishing anything on Movellas.
    What I wanted to do was keep writing on Movellas and not finish it unless someone asked me to. The reason for this is because my mind changes every five minutes as to what I am writing.
    So I would appreciate it, if you enjoy something I have been writing that I have not finished, if you would tell me and I would gladly continue to write.
    Thank you to all who have been reading my work.
    The Veil.
    The Veil.
    The Veil between the human world and the Seinen world is threatened by terrorist attacks and if it is destroyed them the two species - Human and Seinen - will meet which will only end in an all out war...

  • R.J Letts
    3 years agoReply
    Hey Conor!
    I just wanted to drop you a line or two just to see how you are are. Believe it or not I actually enjoyed your company and miss you! (Sorry if that seemed sappy and girly)
    But any way, if you ever want to talk or catch up then just say and I will give you my new mobile number :P
    hope you and your family are well and you are kicking life in the ass!
    Becky. :D
    3 years ago
    Oh hey!! :D
    Yeah the whole thing where I had friends and we were all cool with one another was the best; I'm missing it already and I haven't even left my house in over a month (well, except to retrieve exam results but that was like two hours so it doesn't count)

    And yeah I'm pretty good except for the thing known as September is coming too quickly and I am not emotionally ready to wake up at six in the morning again. :P I haven't done much to warrant claiming that I have in fact kicked life in the ass, although I can equally say life hasn't kicked me in the ass as of yet. :P

    And same to you; hope you and the associated people you care about are all good and doing well. :)
  • R.J Letts


    4 years agoReply
    hey, I joined Movellas a while back and would appriciate some feedback on my work so far
    4 years ago
    Hey! :)

    If you'd like, I could check out your writing; it's been a while since I've reviewed anything, and I love to help new(ish) members get their first set of feedback! :D
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