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Hello, my name is Epanastatis Riges, and no, that is not my real name. I'm not even sure that is a name? Okay. I'm not sure.

Hey, my name is Epanestatis Riges. Crud. Spelled it wrong.

Hey! My name is Epanastatis Riges! I'm so excited to be here! Ok, rereading. Geez! It sounds like I'm smiling way to hard!

Different Approach:
*sitting in black office chair, not facing you*
Hey. You've come to Epanastatis's profile.
*tries to spin around ominously*
I've been expecting you.
*chair doesn't stop spinning*
Oh geez.
*tries to grab table but knocks computer off*
*stands up out of chair, inspecting computer*
Well. It's broken. No more profile updates. :/

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