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Name: Dr.FunTimes

Song: Foster The People - Coming Of Age

Why: I'm to bruised to fight

Drink: Corn juice

Food: Corn

Activities: Being tied to a chair

First Love: Shayna Hoop

Story Genre: When you get out of bed and your dead again

Best Friend: My computer and Imaginary friends

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About me: I'm a Normal Boy who makes out with his computer screen and writes stories to make people keep reading. I love cats (1 of mine is Tweet, and she eats tacos). Both my parents died before i was 13, so i think of myself as lucky to be alive. I joke A LOT (As seen above) And love the band "Foster The People". I tied myself to a chair(Look mommy! I tied myself to Dada's recliner!) and had the most fun of my life. I love reptiles, turtles, ferrets, and squirrels.

I made my own survey, so...

I Like going Pew pew pew, acting drunk, eating ice cream, watching spaghetti cat interviews, and etc. I'll tell people them when they get to curious for my type and me, "What else is there you like,".

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