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Hey everyone!!!!! The names Quiandra.......well just Quiandra :P. I am 13 yrs YOUNG and I will be blowing out my 14 birthday candles on September 22nd. If someone has just met me they would think I'm one of those cute nerds. This is kinda true but I'm also really loud, energetic, talkative, quirky and C-R-A-Z-Y!! My friends also tell me I'm weird but I always tell them "If your not weird your not GRAND!" - words spoken by a very wise man, er I mean boy....you know what I mean.

Anywhoooos let me share some more facts about me. As I said I'm 13 turning 14. I'm an only child. My favorite colors are Light Blue, Black and Pink. I am in 8th grade and in my second year of High School. Where I come from you start High School in the 7th grade (I live in the Caribbean). Luckily, I'm in the Jr. High section. I'm labeled as one of the "Populars" because of my friends and the fact that I dance but truly I'm anything but cool. I'm clumsy, nerdy and a 'know-it-all'. Whatever, I really don't care. I LOVE TURTLES!!! (HEHE random right, but it's true). I also love dancing, even more than turtles, lol. I can't survive a day without dancing! I've been doing it for almost 10 years now so it has kind of just stuck with me. I do ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, lyrical, african, afro-caribbean, dancehall, praise and a little bit of acro. I am a HUGE #Zswagger, #5er, #Bellarina, #Directioner, #ICONiac, #GRANDer, #Lovatic, #Belieber, #Gapper, #Arianator, #Diamonite, #RihannaNavy, #KatyCat, #Barbiez #Smiler #Selenator, #McClainator, #Simpsonator and #Rusher!!! I'm totally in LOVE with Vinny Castronovo Jr. and Dana Vaughns from IM5....... ahhh just hearing those names give me goosebumps!!

When I grow older I wanna become a dancer on Broadway and/or entertainment lawyer. Other than dancing, I do drama and I play the piano, recorder, clarinet and drums AND I'm learning to play the guitar right now!! My mom totally supports whatever I want to do so I guess that's one of the reasons why I love her so much! Oh and I have a cute little beagle who I call Tuff Puppy (because even though he's super small he is as tough as a bear, I know, bad comparison) and a huge dog (I don't remember his breed) called Puffy, or simply Big Dog. Well that's all I have to say lovelies!!! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!! (Lol j/k but if you want to I'm @TheQuiQuiP and @Dayaforever22).

By the way, if your wondering my name is pronounced Key-An-Dra. Haha I'm a key!! Ok I'll stop talking now, BYE!!!!!

*That is me in my profile pic!*

My twitter: https://twitter.com/Dayaforever22

Back-up twitter:https://twitter.com/TheQuiQuiP





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