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Quinn's Tips & Tricks: Show vs Tell

by , Tuesday October 31, 2017
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Quinn's Tips & Tricks: Show vs Tell

A Simple Guide to "Show Not Tell"

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  • NamesFromGraves

    mumbled "Should I?"

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    To fanfiction or not to fanfiction
    that is the question
    For real tho I have this AU story I wanna do for my own book just because why the heck not? but also it's my book lol like is that just so narcissistic or what? but like I wanna
    1 days ago
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    @[SnowPotato_] haha thanks I just really want to write something with my Halo cast that's in the future and slightly different but like I wanna write it

    @[Squonk of the Nightshade] haha yeah it wouldn't technically qualify. I guess mostly it would just be for fun because I want to write about the Halo characters but like... in the future when they are Adulting(TM)
    Squonk of the Nightshade
    Writing for fun is the main reason for doing it in the first place. Always write what you want to because if we don't then it becomes a chore :)
    1 days ago
    haha that's true. I just wouldn't be posting it (probably) since it would have spoilers and I'm not even done with book 1 yet lol
  • NamesFromGraves

    mumbled "NaNo is already kicking my butt"

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    wow, I'm already behind. I mean, in my defense... exams... school... homework...
    also, I haven't been working on the project I said I would work on. I'm going to try and pick up the pace. Technically I have written 18k just... Not in The Wanderers
    6 days ago
    I feel you. I am so far behind that I created a group for supporting those with the same problem. I'm still only just over 5000 words, and unfortunately, my story has hit a brick wall. It's nothing that I wanted it to be at all.
    5 days ago
    I ended up working on a completely different story
    I wrote like 7k yesterday and caught up but now I'm like
    I never want to write anything ever again
  • NamesFromGraves


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    So I'm not entirely sure if we're doing competitions right now because there aren't any running? But I thought that it might be cool to have a place for us community ambassadors to run our competition ideas by each other before submitting them if competitions are still a thing (which I think is one of our jobs? It's listed on the ambassador blog that describes the community ambassador but IDK)
    2 days ago
    And it might be worth trying to get something sorted out for winter break in terms of competitions or community events as well? :D
    1 days ago
    @[DragonSoulJess] I agree! I miss the competitions
    Sav-Nav ๐Ÿ๐Ÿถ
    Same. The competitions are something that I'd love to be apart of but never am. For your winter break (In America that is) it's my 6 week summer break and sadly I do not have internet at home... If we're gonna do something then, I cannot participate. But good ideas guys!
  • NamesFromGraves

    mumbled "Chapter Update!"

    Two weeks into the update schedule and I'm already late go me... I ended up switching the chapter I had written for this week and the chapter I was going to post next week because it made more sense to do it that way so that's why I didn't have it ready in time
    check out the new chapter of Halo: The Unchained- Just Kickin' It In Another Reality With Some Demi-Gods (no big deal)
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