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I love any type of pop music...sometimes. I actually love a lot of things like PIZZA! I haven't had krispy Kreme before....EVER, and I'm a really good dancer so when I grow up I wanna be a dancer. If I can't become a dancer I want to be a model but If I can't be a model then my back-up is being a teacher. :D

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    mumbled "Glass Alice"

    A modern Alice in Wonderland. The first chapter is published and ready for readers to start. It's a little demo and a taste...or a hint of what's to come. Welcome to Alice's world. She isn't a blonde either. She's a redhead which makes it even better. And she has a beautiful, brown haired, fashionista, bestfriend Leslie, who she can't keep up with. Leslie prefers to be the Mad Hatter but she wants Alice to be...Alice.
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    This is so beautiful. It' s peaceful. Keep up the great work. ;)
    The Inner Musings Of A Falling Star
    The Inner Musings...
    A star falls, and as it does so, it sees a human far below.
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    Oh, thank you so much, that means so much! <3
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