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Write from your heart
Write from your soul
Make the best of your talent
& don't ever let it go,
not for anything!

That is what I want to do,
I've been writing since the age of 16 but have never published a book or ever completed writing one, maybe this time things will be different :)

  • pwiincezz22

    Need some reads & critiques, newbie!

    4 years agoReply
    Hi, I'm new on here & would like constructive feedback on my prologue that I have uploaded on here.

    My story is called 'The Diary She Wrote'

    I don't actually know how this website works out so I won't post a link, but I'll really appreciate it if someone would kindly read & comment. I will return the favour.
    4 years ago
    Okay, sure, I'll give you some feedback ASAP!! In return, please critique my movella Mindtrap. It is for the virtual reality competition
    4 years ago
    Here is the link -
    Mindtrap - For the Virtual Reality...The mind trap craze is sweeping the nation, the virtual reality game on sale at every store. But when Pim tries it out, she realises something more siniste...
    4 years ago
    i would appreciate some helpful feedback link below. i will return the favor also
    Her Choice*New Cover* After their adventure in the games are finished, Katniss Everdeen flees from everything she has ever encountered. She is accompanied by her...
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