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Hello Everyone! I'm purplerainx that's not my real name and I'll always will and forever stay anonymous.

You guys can call me purple or rain, your choice. I like reading books and writing them...

If you guys want to chat or anything my email is: purplerainxoxo@gmail.com

If you're reading this, read my books yeah?

Bye bye for now! -purplerainx

  • purplerainx
    4 years agoReply
    haiiii, just wanna say this is a really good book and I really like it, but can I ask where did you think of this kind of book, did you think about it yourself or you just looked in another book and tried to different it? just asking... its good though..
    Kiss Me Hard
    Kiss Me Hard
    Kendall and Niall never planned on falling for each other. It just happened. But could their short-lived, two week romance become more? Or would it just their little secret? It would've been the perfect...
    4 years ago
    Well my friend thought of the idea and she said why don't you write about it? So I did, even though it fails. Ly��
  • purplerainx
    4 years agoReply
    do you have a wattpad account?
    Playing The Bad Boy's Game
    Playing The Bad...
    "So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me. Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up. My pencil...
  • purplerainx
    4 years agoReply
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    Damn, I'm hooked
    My Bully Teacher
    My Bully Teacher
    "Let me go." I whispered, pain taking over me. He leaned in, causing more force on me. "Over my dead body." It won't be the same for Natara Hayes. Especially, when the bully you used to despised 5...
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