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  • Purplemonster12
    This is my first one! I hope you like it
    Best summer ever
    Best summer ever
    Zoe thinks she is having the best summer when she runs away from here evil stepdad but it gets even better when she meets Harry from 1D!!! Will her stepdad find her and kill her friends?? Will there be...
  • Purplemonster12
    Update pls pls pls
    Only you can save me
    Only you can save...
    This story is about a girl that new zayn malik her who life and the last time she saw her was at her moms wedding. She decides to run away. Zayn turns her life around gets her back to her old self.They...
    I just finished the 3rd chapter the 4th should be up tomorrow
  • Purplemonster12
    Pls write more if u don't I think I will die
    Perfect Summer (A Harry Styles fan fiction)
    Perfect Summer (A...
    Lizzie has been waiting for what seems like forever to meet One direction, and when the day finally comes something pulls her away from that moment. But fate has a different idea. Things start going right...
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