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"Life is an unequal fight,
the ones who fight the best will survive."
And that is why I'll always be one to die.

But before that happens let me,
meet some cute, curlyhaired boy- who probably is scared of me -Harry,
travel to my future destination- discover my one and truly love -England,
colour my hair- because I like the sky when there are no clouds to be seen -blue,
work in- the one place I can be myself, surrounded by people like me - an asylum,
die alone- so no one be should be dissapointed after my departure - and let me live,
my fantasy.


  • prutsemie99

    mumbled "raised from the dead haha"

    4 years agoReply
    Hey ya'all!
    To be honest, I've made this account to post stories and all but I've actually never started.
    But maybe today might just be the today.

    Am still clueless to how all of this works though so bare with me! x
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