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do you ever feel personally offended by mika's existence

I am ashamed to be an American.

by , Wednesday November 9, 2016
I am ashamed to be an American.

We just did a horrible thing.

I wish I could aplogize.


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  • Prodigy

    mumbled "THINGS"

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    hello friends,

    I haven't actually said anything on here for a long time, but I continue to lurk (so watch out). Anyway, I'm kind of swamped with school and work, so I doubt I'll be able to do NaNo this year. But good luck to everyone participating!! (And congratulations to those who have already won?? amazing)

    So school has been super busy buuuut also pretty fun? And I have an assignment due for my digital creative writing class early next week, but I could really use some feedback if anyone is willing :)


    (Beware, there is sound in the second half, don't be alarmed. I'll take any feedback you have - what confused you about navigation, what you enjoyed, what sounded weirdly phrased, what you hated, etc. Everything is helpful!! Thanks!! :) )
    Sapphire Silver Moon
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    hey, don't feel bad for not being on here because of school work. thats what has been happening to me; last time I was on here was 2 or three years ago. :3
  • Prodigy
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    I think I'm already friends with you on nano? I'm hoping, because I don't remember my name, it's saved somewhere in the depths of my browser XD
    The Immense NaNoWriMo Race 2017
    The Immense NaNoWr...
    The epic/great/immense NaNoWriMo race is back for it's third year! Who's ready to write, write, write, and write some more! Who will be the first to 50,000? It could be you.
    Molly Looby
    2 months ago
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    Adding you now. Snow is exactly right with your username xD
    2 months ago
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    hahaha well it particularly stayed in my memory because I remember when I had to painstakingly add her to my buddy list the first time xD no biggie
    2 months ago
    ayy you guys are the best
  • Prodigy
    3 months agoReply
    I love this
    (thinking of you) at the bottom of a spiral staircase
    (thinking of you)...
    short story, sorry my writing has really gotten worse, i love this concept but not the voice, cool style though, kinda bad, but i love
    3 months ago
    thank you <3
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