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    Take a look for your freedom
    On what do you base your beliefs about the operations of demons? On deluded testimonies of delivered brethren? On deceptive manifestations during deliverances? On superstitious beliefs, or on presumed...
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    How are we mercifully and mysteriously begotten again by the eternal seed of God’s Word (1Pet 1:21-25), and born anew by the Holy Spirit (John 3:1-8) in regeneration and renewal (Tit 3:5)?

    CALL (i.e. preaching of the eternal Gospel that though we all humans are depraved and damned sinners but Jesus is the Christ and our only Saviour 1Pet 3:18-22)

    Which has the power to produce

    CONVICTION-CONVERSION by the Holy Spirit through CONTRITE- COVENANT 1Pet 3:21 (i.e. access into the Grace of Spiritual Regeneration-Salvation to BE-PUT-INTO union with Christ and to PUT-ON Christ Gal 3:27 through Faith-Justification-Repentance-Remission)

    Which progresses unto

    CONSECRATION (devotion to maturity)
    by feeding on the growth milk of the Word (1Pet 2:1) and yielding submissively to the renewal by the Holy Spirit (Rom 12:1-2).
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