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    mumbled "Temple Run"

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    If you live in the United Kingdom, you will surely have heard of the new fad called Temple Run. I'm not sure whether this slightly addictive game has spread (or even originated in) other parts of the world, but certainly where we are at least, you can't get away from it.
    Now I'm not some under-cover ambassador of the game, I promise, but it really is quite good. You don't mean to get into it and then suddenly you're thinking "right, I have to complete the Miser Run" or, "I have to reach half a million". Honestly, it's scary. And once you've played it a couple of times, it begins to annoy you. Every time you die (basically if your little ginger man being chased by two-legged dementor monkeys runs into an abnormally large tree root or doesn't slide under the random fire arches) a patronising little message pops up just above your score. You run into a tree? "Hard to run without a head." Really? I hadn't realised! You forget to jump a gap in the bridge you're running along? "Warning, Temple slippery when wet." It doesn't take a genius to work that out, thanks.
    Despite this, everyone seems to be leaping onto the bandwagon. Sign into Facebook and some techno-keeno will have uploaded an iPod screen shot with the tag "I reached 2 million!!!". Everyone else shakes their head and thinks "how sad", but inside are thinking "Damn! How the heck did they manage that?!" Walk into the common room at school, and girls that are usually preoccupied with lathering their faces in extortionate amounts of foundation will be muttering to one another, "yeah, really, I nearly got on the national leaderboard. Thank goodness we can remain anonymous." Now I'm not just making this up, I overheard it whilst applying foundation myself (though please note I wear the normal amount), and thought hey! This is the sort of teenage widespread obsession that people might quite like to read about.
    So maybe you will, maybe you'll see this and think oh bloody hell, it's that crazy "Hello" rant kid again, either way at least you've been warned that if you start playing Temple Run, you will never stop.
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    mumbled "Hello"

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    It's strange trying to start a blog, it's like saying "hello" to your new class at school; you don't know who anyone sitting there looking up at you is, or what they're thinking. This is a more extreme version of that first "hello", because at least when you introduce yourself that first time at least you know you'll be heard, (unless you have an abnormally high pitched voice that can't be heard by human ears... in which case at least those confused looking student's dogs will be able to hear you).
    But here I'm not standing in front of a room full of people, I'm saying "hi" to whoever reads this, if anyone does. It's like dropping a pebble down a well, and not knowing when you're going to hear that satisfying "plop", or if you're even going to hear it at all. I guess what I'm trying to say in a round-a-bout sort of way is that I don't know if my "hello" is going to reach the bottom of that well, or if it's just going to keep falling and never be read, and never be seen.
    This is actually quite a worrying thought; that I'm sat here writing to this bizarre massive cyber space world (when I really should be getting some homework polished off) and no one's ever going to read it, and if they do they may just think "woah, they're crazy ranting on about pebbles and wells" in which case I apologise for wasting your time. Unless you're my mum, in which case please stop reading and go back to FriendsReunited.
    I suppose the only way to get around this is to write. Write these Movella stories and see if anyone likes them, and then maybe somebody might read this first "hello". In which case this ramble of mine won't be futile, and the failing of my exams will be in lieu of at least one single person reading this first blog.
    That's all I've got time for tonight, my sister is e-mailing me (yes, really) asking me to make her a hot chocolate and will most likely do something horrible, (like play her music, or sing, god forbid...) if I don't.
    And now I have the conundrum of saying goodbye, what's the right way to end this? I'll go with short and snappy so as not to bore you too much longer.
    Bye! :)
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