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My name is Tristen, I am a 15 year old youtuber. I have plenty of friends and always am looking for more! I love to write and I think that I will be a writer when I am older.

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    mumbled "Letting My Feelings for Him go AWAY"

    Yeah so this guy I like, and he was a really sweet guy to me, but now all I see is a complete d*** head so yeah, time to let my feelings go away
    1 weeks ago
    That happened to one of my best friends,she fell for him over a year ago and this school year he's just been a complete asshole to her this year and he was super nice last year.
  • Princesss Tristen McCann

    mumbled "One Year Ago Today!"

    So One Year ago today was when Purpose the Album by Justin Bieber was released! I was so happy to get it for my birthday, just one month and 32 days after it was released!! Congrats Justin!!!!
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