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My name is Tristen, I am a 15 year old youtuber. I have plenty of friends and always am looking for more! I love to write and I think that I will be a writer when I am older.


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Lets Just say I talk about you to my friends all the time. No one can change the way I feel about you. I really like and wish that you had liked me back,....

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  • Princesss Tristen McCann
    Can't wait for you to update this is really amazing!!!!
    messages {a.b.c.}
    messages {a.b.c.}
    {Idk if this is red or yellow rating but i'm 13 and don't have red as an option so it's set as yellow. Proceed if you want} blocked number: {image attachment} abby: uh nice dick, who is this?
  • Princesss Tristen McCann
    This is really amazing! I enjoyed reading this and can't wait to read more of it!
    Ghoul Investigator.
    Ghoul Investigator...
    I was made to bathe in my own blood, I was choking my own blood as if my lungs were bleeding from the inside then I fight for breath but I can’t get much… I can’t do it anymore… I’m done… I want to die...
    Sarah Bq
    1 days ago
    AWW thanx, I'll love to hear what you'll have for me next... I'll be like dying waiting for it :P
    Princesss Tristen McCann
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    Lol yeah :D
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