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Just an ordinary girl who loves to read and write. I have my secrets but in time I'll reveal and be my normal self. I love ballet, and I LOVE One Direction.

Don't get caught by the mask.

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    I will try and get an update in soon but remember this I have a wattpad I have to maintain and I haven't updated any of my stories on there in a LOOOONG time
    Story of my life (A Harry Styles Little Sister fan-fiction)
    Story of my life...
    Have you heard the name Sara Styles? No? Most people haven't, not yet at least. You see Sara is Harry Styles little sister. Sara is obese, she's short and chunky, since the beginning of last tour she hasn't...
  • Princesspruny
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    Um i know I'm new to this but it doesn't say how she knew she was pregnant, i could point out a lot of things but i won't.
    drugs and one direction
    drugs and one dire...
    a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered...
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    oh im sorry :( please tell me, tweet me @iversacequeen I wanna know what I didn't say, please tell me, I really need this, tell me here or dm me on twitter or tweet me, or here, please :) but thank u for reading beautiful :)
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