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Hey Everyone. I love to read, write, and sing. I also love One Direction, Justin Bieber and Big Time Rush. I really would like for those who read my stories to comment. If you have a story and would like me to read it leave a comment somewhere and I'll try.

  • princessjane
    I love this. It is well written.
    In The End  {One Direction}
    In The End {One...
    Louis was never ok with Niall's relationship with Marcie. He liked her, but there was nothing to do about it. After an almost-death happening with Niall, Louis finds the chance to escape his problems....
    5 years ago
    thanks!! Comments like these help alot!! xx
    5 years ago
    It's always nice to know that other's think your writting is great it gives us writters confidence in what we do.:)
    5 years ago
    thats exactly what i was thinking!!
  • princessjane
    This is sweet. Good job.
    Just Forget The World....
    Just Forget The...
    This for the: Valentines Day with 1D competition. It would mean a whole lot to me if you read it and favorited/liked/shared this with others. It really would mean so much to me. Anyways, I hope you enjoy...
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