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  • princessimani
    U can't just make a great story and leave us hanging like that PLESE UPDATE
    Strong *Sequel to Babygirl*
    Strong *Sequel to...
    Emma and Harry have been together for over a year now, with the twins finally here they're happier than ever, though Harry's on tour most of the time with is world famous band, Emma seems to be doing well...
  • princessimani
    Great book I love ur perspective on things and how u put the story together from just things u have seen and read this book is a great inspiration
    Love Is All You Need
    Love Is All You...
    Emery Styles is the daughter of Harry Styles, famous of coarse due to her father being apart of One Direction, she gets whatever she likes, she's daddies little princess, but there's one thing that no...
  • princessimani
    Please keep writing why do u do this to us u make an Awsome fan fiction story hen stop as soon as it gets good
    She Will Be Loved *Ashton Irwin*
    She Will Be Loved...
    I looked out my air plane window, seeing my home town of England get smaller and smaller under my feet. Why did we have to leave? I know why, because my dads record company just had to move. I didn't want...
  • princessimani
    Please keep writing thus is the best fan fiction I have read in my life PLEASE!!!!!��
    Babygirl *Harry Styles*
    Babygirl *Harry...
    "Stop calling me that." I spat at him. "Sorry, baby girl. I'm afraid I can't do that." He said back. "I'm giving you one last chance, to stop." I said, tightening my jaw. "Oh yeah? And what are you gonna...
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