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du er ikke alene.

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    mumbled "Hello, hello"

    Hi guys! I don't know how long it's been since I've been on Movellas but I do know that it's probably been months.

    So, news? How's life?

    I recently turned 18 on the 25th of February so I'm legally considered an adult now, I honestly still feel like a child but aye that's life.

    Also I'm 3 weeks into first year of university, yay!
    I decided to study Bachelor of Engineering.
    It's not too bad but Physics is currently my number one enemy because I didn't do that subject in high school ahhh. If any of you want to study Engineering, make sure to do Physics in high school haha.

    Err apart from that I'll try to come back as often as I can but university takes up a lot of time. I'm there 5 days a week and there's 4 subjects to do this semester and in addition to that you have to make sure you study at least 10 hours per subject because Engineering isn't easy kids. Sleep is literally my only past-time now haha.

    Also, Louis Tomlinson's upcoming solo album is the only reason why I continue to live tbh lol.
    You won't ever hear from me again when his album comes out, I'll be dead.
    (Some people would think, "Hey, you aren't 12 anymore! Why do you still love One Direction." Like lol no. My soul was sold the day I first listened to 'One Thing'. And each and every one of them (yes, including Zayn) are literally angels I thank the Lord every day for giving us One Direction. They've engraved themselves in my heart, body, and soul forever. I'm too far gone, I'm really sorry).

    My love for music is never-ending and because of that I highly recommend listening to '1950' by King Princess. It's simply beautiful. ( @[Chelber] watch ittt)

    Bye for now my loves <3
    1 weeks ago
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    Duuude I've been 18 for a few months now but hell.... I ain't no adult... XD

    That song is so amazing??? <3 <3
    Music Saved Me
    5 days ago
    There's a bar at uni and every time I walk past it on Friday nights I'm like "omg I'm too young to go in there" but then I remember that I'm legal lmao. I honestly still look like a kid though so yeah I'm not going in there XD

    I know right??? King Princess is literally my new favourite artist. (I thank Harry Styles for tweeting the lyrics to that song and thus leading me to great music).
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    mumbled "Long time no see"

    Hello everyone! How are you all?

    I've missed the Movellas community so much, I hate that I've become so inactive.

    Here's an update of my life that nobody asked for:

    - I've nearly finished high school! Just 3 more weeks! It's unbelievable and quite frightening. Soon I'll be in univeristy D:
    - During our school holidays I went on our school study tour to Canada and the USA, it was an amazing experience. Although I do wish we could travel more but we already had so much crammed in 2 weeks!

    I also never thought no other couple could top my OTP of Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov... but I have been proven wrong.


    ^Introducing, the characters of Isak Valtersan and Even Bech Næsheim.

    I'm.. just.. so in love with them.
    I love them as much as Viktuuri.

    They're from a Norwegian TV show called 'SKAM'
    Unfortunately, it's over now and I'm really sad.

    But the issues they have in this show and how they handle it is amazing (Especially in Season 3 centering around Isak). There was some controversy in how the issues in Season 4 was handled but other than that it is definitely a must-watch.

    (Pssst @[Prodigy] you should totally watch SKAM and cry with me)

    In conclusion (excuse me I've been writing too many essays), life is pretty great, I'm still a cringey fangirl, and I'm crying over school (does that contradict the 'life is pretty great' comment?)

    Bye now my loves.

    Alt er love <3
    5 months ago
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    omgg I've been meaning to watch that!!
    Music Saved Me
    4 months ago
    @[Prodigy] it's the best thing ever omg pls watch <3
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    Good luck to everyone <3 Being an ambassador is an amazing experience.
    Chrissy Sky
    8 months ago
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    Hey there. As far as I know, your cover letter IS your application. Your cover letter should include everything listed above - your name, age etc etc - so there is really no need for anything extra to be added aside from that. I have done the same, just included everything in one and I'm copy and pasting it into an email to Skye.

    However, it is probably best to check with a previous 2016 ambassador or Skye herself just to make sure. :)
    Chrissy Sky
    8 months ago
    You're welcome. Good luck!
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    mumbled "The Little Prince"

    I don't know if anyone else has read this book, but seriously, everyone needs to go out, buy this book, and read the masterpiece that is 'The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

    It made me cry.


    I read it once, I cried.

    I read the ending again, and still I cried.

    It's just so beautiful and well-written. It's one of those books where as you read it, you think to yourself, "How could someone this talented create this exceptional book?"

    It has now gained the respectful place as my favourite book ever (sorry 'The Book Thief')

    (Also, have this bonus K-Pop song related to 'The Little Prince' sung by the beautiful vocals of Ryeowook)

    (I watched this video again after I read the book and loved the visual references they made)
    8 months ago
    That's the classic novel, yeah? I got it for my birthday last yeah but I haven't gotten around to reading it, but I've been meaning too... I'll have to bump it up higher on the priority list XD
    8 months ago
    you're back?
    Music Saved Me
    8 months ago
    @[Chelber] Read it immediately XD

    @[Narcy] Only on the rare occasions I have internet access.
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