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  • Prince Jang 현승
    "Nobody saw me, nobody adored me." I really love that sentance (lol) it hooks you straight in. Full of suspense and I'm interested to find out exactly what 'Netoria' really is :P
    One suggestion is that you could ad in a bit more description about the surrondings, because I was kind of confused about where it was taking place and you could decribe the main character more, apperance etc.
    But I like it, and I can't wait to read more (:
    Blue tears
    Blue tears
    Can her life get any worst?
  • Prince Jang 현승

    mumbled "Epik High"

    Your voices can be heard from the stage,
    and your eyes shine through the darkness.

    After a hard day,
    when we open the letters you placed in our hands,
    it feels like,
    opening up a large window through the dark,
    and tears fall.

    Thank you.
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